About the developers


Estoria City Project started with a clear objective: to create a New City inside the Big City. As mixed use projects are the future of urban lifestyle, Estoria City will provide the perfect mix by expanding Bucharest with a district mixing office, residential, retail, and valuable add-ons as communal leisure and connection areas, green zones, community projects and more.


We bring together working, living and shopping by offering smart solutions for the urban post-contemporary lifestyle. We believe that Estoria City is a new model of development which responds to the latest urban needs: personal comfort, connection and community.


Vibrant business center is a brand new office building in Cluj-Napoca designed to appeal today`s creative and innovative workforce.
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Advancity Business Center is a new, modern, high quality office building, situated right in thecenter of Cluj-Napoca city. It was designed to be highly efficient, flexible and functional, offering a wide range of configurations.
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Cube Offices are defined by high quality design, the use of high end building materials and state of the art technical installations. Cube are a mixed building dedicated to office space and living and are situated in Cluj-Napoca.
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The residential space Avella is a mixed set of commercial spaces, offices and dwellings located in Cluj-Napoca.
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